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Optimum Reliability Solutions is here to help every industrial operation and manufacturing business create the world-class production asset performance needed to achieve operational excellence. We do that by providing highly effective, efficient and reliable life cycle asset management processes, and operating plant and equipment.


Put our Clients’ and Customers’ interest first


Be friendly, pleasant and professional.


To use no more than necessary.


Be honest and live with integrity and respect for oneself, co-worker, customer, community and the Planet.


Achieve delighted client satisfaction because we delivered truly valuable service.


Put World Class Maintenance, Reliability And Life Cycle Asset Management Performance Into Your Business DNA

Our Mission

Is To Give Our Clients The Best EAM System And Life-Cycle Processes To Get World Class Reliability And Operating Success

Our Vision

We work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches.

Our Value

ORS professionals help clients optimize their business performance by improving their processes and eliminating operational risk.


Optimum Reliability Solutions

We provide solutions to maximize operating profits; improve life cycle process effectiveness and efficiency; get outstanding equipment reliability; and achieve least plant maintenance costs.