The challenging task of Research and Development is from our core interests. In the age of BigData, IoT, Complex Systems, and Machine Learning, there are growing needs for Reliable Algorithms that can give the firm foundation of a trustworthy science. Our professional researchers and consultants can provide expert solutions and work together with the funding organizations and individual researchers as well.

  • Funding Organizations: R&D is one of the most challenging fields to manage since, in the core idea, the researchers do not know in advance how to reach the desired results. However, a Reliability Index evaluation of the research methodology, inputs, outputs, and applicability can guarantee trustworthy teams and can play the leading role in decision making about fund extensions.
  • R&D Groups and Individuals: ORS could be your active partner for conducting scientific research and sharing with you professional and academic experience with a considerable network of international research centers and researchers. Our fields of expertise include but not limited to, Operation and Maintenance, Machine Learning, Optimization, Data Science, and Complex Networks Science.