• Operational Improvement
  • Maintenance Consultants and Enterprise Asset Management Consultants with Expert, Effective, Highly Successful Solutions. Industrial Asset Management and Maintenance Consultants for World Class Reliability. Operational Excellence Consultants. Business Process Improvement Consultants.
  • Life Cycle Asset Management
  • Highly reliable plant and equipment result from integrated life cycle enterprise asset management processes—you’ll guarantee low operating costs and high production success.
  • LRS EAM Consultants solve operations and maintenance problems and bring you high reliability. LRS Global combines Lean Consulting, Business System Improvement Consulting, and Reliability Maintenance Consulting into sure operational success for you.
  • Maintenance Mastery
  • We analyze and fix maintenance problems so you get high reliability with a Maintenance Management System full of the right answers.
  • Your maintenance problems disappear with maintenance management processes that increase equipment reliability, lower maintenance costs, and make more operating profits.
  • Plant Wellness Way EAM

We Are Plant Wellness Way Consultants with The Sure-Fire Plant Wellness Way EAM System-Of-Reliability for World Class Reliability and Maintenance Performance. You get a powerful life cycle EAM strategy put into your operation that lifts your plant availability and greatly lowers maintenance costs. Secure a huge, positive step change in operational performance with life-cycle focused equipment maintenance and reliability strategy and processes.